Thursday, August 9, 2012

Three Guys And A Cake

My newest cookbook is now available as a Kindle version at Amazon. It is appropriately titled Three Guys And A Cake and contains 15 cake recipes. These recipes are the cakes I make the most for the three guys in my life. My husband and two boys.
Right now I have the book on sale and you can purchase it for just $0.99 from this link: Three Guys And A Cake I intend to do a series of cookbooks around the Three Guys theme and have created a Facebook page which you may like to join as well. I will be posting photos of the cakes and other dishes that I make.

As well I would love to get your feedback on the book and to learn what dishes you create for your family regularly. Why not drop by and visit?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Easy Paleo Recipes

My first book is finally out on Amazon and it was done in conjunction with a friend of mine Corey Lewis. Easy Paleo Recipes is a collection of recipes based on the Paleo diet principle. The recipes have been compiled into a 30 day easy to follow menu plan. With each day consisting of a breakfast, lunch and dinner suggestion. Of course you can mix and match the recipes as you wish, but our layout will help you plan each week in advance which is a good thing when it comes to starting a new healthy eating plan.

Easy Paleo Recipes is available in the Kindle store or as a paperback version, both have color photos included.

You can see all the details at the following link. Easy Paleo Recipes